Birt Berglund

karl-erik sigbjörn birt berglund (b. 1986 in stockholm, sweden) is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in sound and music.
recurring themes in his work include noise, sound, queerness, language, philosophy, conspiracy theories and weird stories.

he is also part of seroconversion and kronofonika


Humanoid Fashion

Humanoid Fashion (or, with its full title: Some examples of fashion of clothing amongst non-human humanoid creatures or entities observed between 1947 and 1952) is a performance text and reading consisting of a list of clothing as described by witnesses to humanoid creatures between 1947 and 1952.

The term "Humanoid" has been used within Ufology and Cryptozoology to describe creatures that are not humans but human-like.
The text is based on research of reported observation, mostly published in UFO-magazines. The span of 5 years are chosen in relation to the first wave of UFO-observations during the late 40s and early 50s (The first so-called "UFO-flap"). Many observations relate to UFO-sighings, but not all.

The project examines the idea of "The Humanoid", science fiction tropes, exotification, "The Other" and how language is used to describe what we cannot fully comprehend.

Below are images from a performance reading and scans of the manuscript from my notebook.